Established in 2003, Downtown Village Development Corporation (DVDC) is a not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

As an arms length private sector organization, DVDC is not bound by political terms or changing political agendas. It represents the Greater Downtown area, beyond the boundaries of the BIA, and can perform functions not permissible within the BIA structure such as administering incentive programs.

DVDC acts as an effective broker or liaison between private and public sector interests. It has effectively structured both strategic and financial partnerships to move priority projects forward. It targets and recruits board members with the requisite skills sets. It is a results oriented organization with an established record of accomplishment.

Our mission is to identify and pursue downtown development opportunities, create partnerships, and advocate for and promote initiatives that stimulate investment in Sudbury’s historic core.

Sudbury’s downtown is a vibrant economic engine of growth for the City of Greater Sudbury.
Source: Downtown Village Development Corporation Strategic Plan (2010)
In 2014 DVDC was awarded the Northern Ontario Business (NOB) Entrepreneurial Community of the Year Award for its efforts in helping launch and advance several projects targeted to revitalize the downtown core.