The mission of the Downtown Village Development Corporation is to identify and pursue development opportunities, create partnerships, and advocate for and promote initiatives that stimulate investment in Sudbury’s historic core.

Established in 2003, Downtown Village Development Corporation is a not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
DVDC stimulates investment by promoting and building investor awareness about the benefits and opportunities of investing in downtown Sudbury. It facilitates and coordinates the necessary public-private sector partnerships required to move projects forward and to help investors navigate regulatory hurdles.
DVDC works closely with other downtown stakeholders such as Downtown Sudbury (BIA), and the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation to ensure that we complement and support their work. It is also an active member of the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce Downtown Development Task Force.

Sudbury’s downtown is a vibrant economic engine of growth for the City of Greater Sudbury.
Source: Downtown Village Development Corporation Strategic Plan (2010)

What we do

  •  Identify and pursue development opportunities based on market research.
  • Develop and maintain a web-based inventory of buildings and spaces available for sale and for lease in the downtown core.
  • Create partnerships – bringing the necessary human and financial resources and energy together to expedite and sustain downtown revitalization.
  • Advocate for and support programs that set the stage for new business and residential development.
  • Access new sources of revenue, including private sector investment.

In 2104 DVDC was awarded the Northern Ontario Business Entrepreneurial Community of the Year Award for its leadership and positive impact on economic growth and development in Sudbury’s historic core.


Board of Directors
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