Mixed-Use Development


DVDC is actively promoting incentivized mixed-use development in Sudbury’s downtown core. Mixed-use developments integrate different uses within the same structure. Broadly speaking, mixed-use developments blend a combination of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or even industrial uses where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and provide pedestrian connections.

With the abundance of downtown surfaced parking lots that provide minimal return on investment for property owners and minimal revenues to the City of Greater Sudbury, there exist several locations suited to mixed-use high value urban scale development.

This “smart growth” mixed-use development seeks to stimulate immediate private sector investment in urban-scaled projects that will create jobs and provide significant increases to the City’s tax assessment base while meeting the urgent needs of the downtown business community for ground floor retail, new Class A office space, new residential development and increased parking options. Current and future planning initiatives including plans for the Place des Arts project and the proposed development of the Elgin Greenway will further impact on parking availability.

For private sector investors, “vertical mixed-use projects use land more efficiently and help to reduce the long-term maintenance cost of a building by distributing the costs between the various tenants in a building.” These advantages, combined with proposed financial incentives, will help stimulate the private sector to invest in these properties.

In order to move the project forward and to ensure that the project promotes a high level of sustainable design, DVDC has assembled a collaborative project team that will provide input into the “Terms of Reference” for the final RFP. The team includes representation from the Laurentian University School of Architecture, Downtown Sudbury (B.I.A.), Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, City Council, Greater Sudbury Development Corporation.


St. Andrew’s Place, was the last mixed-use project developed in Sudbury’s downtown in the mid 1970’s. (source Mallette-Goring)