Exploring new Downtown Parking Solutions

The downtown core is presently experiencing a critical lack of accessible convenient parking for employees and customers. Proposed projects such as Place des Arts and the the Elgin Greenway will further reduce available parking.

In addition to facilitating mixed-use development projects that include a structured parking component, DVDC is working with city councilors and senior staff to consider the feasibility of short term parking solutions.

  1. Angled parking on Elgin St. In 2016, DVDC requested that the City consider implementing angled parking on Durham, Larch and Cedar St. As these are all one-way streets with relatively low traffic volumes, preliminary sketches suggested that some 100 additional parking spaces could be gained. After a thorough analysis by city engineers, the report determined that there would be no net gain in spaces due to downtown laneways and intersections plus the space taken up by the existing planter beds.
    DVDC is revisiting the potential angled parking solution on Elgin St. due to the continuous stretch of uninterrupted road that exists.

  2. Extend parking on Elm St. from Lorne St. to Paris St. on both the north and the south sides of the street. From 2012 to 2014 DVDC worked with its downtown partners to facilitate the implementation of permanent parking on Elm St. The City approved additional parking from Elgin St. to Lisgar St. on the south side only. The City would like to wait to address further parking on Elm St. after the installation of the Ste. Anne’s Ring Road. Unfortunately the timeline for this project is uncertain and the downtown needs more parking now.

  3. Revisit the pedestrian overpass of the downtown rail tracks at the optimum location between Cedar and Larch. While the City has added monthly parking spaces off Lorne (behind Your Independent Grocer), this solution is not generally considered a convenient, nor a safe option by the downtown business community.
    While the Downtown Master Plan has recommended the extension of Larch St. to Lorne St., it is anticipated that this will be a longer term project.

DVDC is recommending that a new round of discussions take place on the feasibility of a pedestrian overpass that would allow access to all the parking spaces west of the rails.

To move these recommendations forward. DVDC has solicited the support of the downtown business community and the BIA.