The Brewer Lofts

From 2000 to 2012 only 65 residential dwelling permits were issued downtown and the Downtown Master Plan has suggested that 3,000-5,000 new residents in and around the downtown core are necessary.

The Brewer Lofts is an important bellwether project for our City…it’s the first project of its kind and it will broaden our lifestyle living options providing cool, hip stylish loft living spaces for both young urban professionals as well as active empty nesters.  With several successful student housing projects completed and more in the planning stages, this project will target other demographic groups that are required for a vibrant downtown neighbourhood.

The new Downtown Sudbury Master Plan calls for the rapid expansion of the downtown residential market. Increased residential population will be “transformative for downtown business” as new creative living spaces provide that extremely valuable amenity in new business attraction efforts. Increased residential population will further boost visitor traffic for downtown retail and other service businesses while providing a badly needed boost to the municipal coffers in the form on new tax assessments and revenues.

Proud to participate in the launch of such an exciting development in our downtown.

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