DVDC wins Economic Development Award



We at DVDC are overwhelmed and deeply honoured to receive this award. The 2014 Northern Ontario Business Entrepreneurial Community of the Year Award has been awarded for our leadership and positive impact on economic growth and development in Sudbury’s historic core.

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10 Reasons to invest in downtown residential development.



The downtown of any city is its most important neighbourhood.

The downtown is a city’s most historical neighbourhood.

As bored boomers leave the suburbs, they will be looking for places to live that offer a more bohemian and creative lifestyle.

More residents mean more retail…. more commercial….more vitality.

All the really fun places are downtown….unique restaurants, cafes, spas, art galleries, the Y, churches, medical services, financial services and locally-owned businesses that know how to serve you properly.

Our downtown is perfectly located and compact – you can walk everywhere.

We’ve been talking about doing this for 30 years and are way behind other Canadian cities.

Residential intensification in the downtown core is “smart” development — it is compact in nature, it uses existing infrastructure and provides access to transit.

Residential development will add millions of dollars to our tax base, helping to keep everyone’s taxes lower.

And the number one reason

Only incentivized and smart residential intensification will save our downtown. Nothing else will.

Downtown Living – “The Suites at 161 Larch” from $189,900

161 Larch

Announcing a limited edition of newly finished one and two bedroom condominium suites, attractively priced, in the heart of the downtown core.

Downtown Living has taken another step forward with this release of new condominium units offering exceptional value for those who would like to make downtown their home.
One bedroom units are priced from $189,900 and two bedrooms from $239,900.
These condominiums will appeal to a broad group of purchasers from empty nesters, who are looking to downsize, to young urban professionals who are seeking that urban lifestyle in the heart of downtown. They also represent a compelling opportunity for investors.
“161 Larch” is inviting the public to a catered Open House on Thursday, December 4th between 11 a.m and 2 p.m, where furnished models are available for viewing.

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The Brewer Lofts

From 2000 to 2012 only 65 residential dwelling permits were issued downtown and the Downtown Master Plan has suggested that 3,000-5,000 new residents in and around the downtown core are necessary.

The Brewer Lofts is an important bellwether project for our City…it’s the first project of its kind and it will broaden our lifestyle living options providing cool, hip stylish loft living spaces for both young urban professionals as well as active empty nesters.  With several successful student housing projects completed and more in the planning stages, this project will target other demographic groups that are required for a vibrant downtown neighbourhood.

The new Downtown Sudbury Master Plan calls for the rapid expansion of the downtown residential market. Increased residential population will be “transformative for downtown business” as new creative living spaces provide that extremely valuable amenity in new business attraction efforts. Increased residential population will further boost visitor traffic for downtown retail and other service businesses while providing a badly needed boost to the municipal coffers in the form on new tax assessments and revenues.

Proud to participate in the launch of such an exciting development in our downtown.

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